Jason Dorough

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The Gem of Tagath

15-year-old Pria is one of Barween Drach’s favorite enforcers, but she has designs on a bigger life. Pria’s just waiting for the chance to take over all of the city’s gangs herself. When an infamous gem falls into Klubridge’s underworld, Pria’s dreams of conquest might finally be within reach–if she can learn to trust the right allies and keep herself alive.


The Gem of Tagath is a novella set in the world of Teshovar, a fantasy realm where an ancient and mysterious despot has outlawed all magic. This book takes place a few months prior to the series’ first full novel, Akithar’s Greatest Trick. Here, you will meet some key characters in the sprawling city of Klubridge’s underworld, learn about the criminal gangs that operate out of view of the Empire’s authorities, and gain background and insights into the upcoming events of the novel.