Lizandra’s Deepest Fear

Teshovar – Book II
ReleasED FEBRUARY 2024

Rebellion, Prophecy, and Betrayal

The survivors of Klubridge flee north to the rebels’ hidden sanctuary. Bards sing of Akithar, the hero who stood against the Empire, but he struggles to keep his own troupe intact in a rebellion divided by prophecy. One side presses for war, and the other deals in secrets and spies. They must find a way to work together when a mysterious new threat brings massive destruction to Teshovar.

Elsewhere, the Empire demands answers for what happened in Klubridge. Politics and pride set the Kites against the Herons in a race to bring the rebels to justice. From the shadows, a reluctant assassin swears vengeance on the order that created her, while a disgraced pirate captain faces his own treacherous past. Ancient secrets and new alliances pave the path to conflict, with both sides teetering between tragedy and victory.

With loyalties fraying, Akithar’s troupe stands on the brink of revelations that will change everything they know about Teshovar. Lizandra said losing Reykas was her greatest fear. What would she sacrifice to keep him safe? What wouldn’t she?

Content Warnings (potential spoilers)
  • Death
  • Violence
  • Children in peril
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental illness
  • Religious trauma
  • Medical patient agency
  • Eye trauma
  • Terroristic acts