Most of the memorable fantasy novels I’ve read have been installments in series. Releasing sequels, trilogies, and bigger sagas is a common thing in this genre. There are a lot of reasons why fantasy works so well in that framework, and my own Teshovar story naturally developed as a series, rather than a one-off book.

One of the risky things about series is that readers have been burned many times by series that never completed or that waited a decade between book releases. I’ve been on the receiving end of that as a fantasy fan myself, and I never would want to give that experience to any of my readers. I know there are some folks who have been hesitant to pick up Akithar’s Greatest Trick until after I’ve released more books, and I absolutely understand that.

The Afterword of that book addresses this situation, but I wanted to talk about it a little here as well, given that a lot of the people who might want to hear this might not be people who already have finished that book and read the Afterword. When I conceptualized the Teshovar story, it came to me somewhat fully formed, with a definitive destination in sight from the very start. Since then, I’ve already mapped out all the big events, significant character developments, and actions that will drive the plot and its people toward that destination. I know what’s going to happen in each book, so there will not be a time when I get stuck and can’t figure out what to do with my story.

In fact, it’s essential that I know where things are going, because the series is building toward that outcome with every installment. The seeds I planted in Akithar’s Greatest Trick will continue to bear fruit all the way through all of the upcoming books. There will be a total of nine books in the primary Teshovar series, divided into three trilogies. There will be a bit of a time jump between each trilogy, but all three trilogies are very connected to each other, with each set of three books growing from the previous one.

In addition to the core series, I also will be writing side stories such as The Gem of Tagath. The writing of those side stories will not delay the writing and publication of the core books, though. I’m working on Book 2 every day, and it will be in your hands sometime in 2022. And, barring unforeseen disasters, Book 3 will reach you in 2023.

All three trilogies are currently in various stages of development, and I promise I won’t abandon you on this journey. I’m eager to tell you the whole story, and I hope you’ll continue to join me for all the upcoming releases!